What is the benefit to you?

Since I founded A Counting House 1991, I have helped hundreds of businesses with their books by providing bookkeeping, accounting, setup, training, and/or troubleshooting services using QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) or QuickBooks Online (QBO). Whether the business is small or large, my clients get an experienced, educated, and dedicated individual who:

  • Is intimately familiar with the QB software.
  • Provides superior training – not just the keystrokes, but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to produce the information management needs to navigate around the competition.
  • Pays attention to the workflow in your environment, looking for efficiency or internal control improvements.

I bring every bit of my experience, education, and training – as well as my imagination – into play while deciphering your problems and working with you to craft and implement solutions.

What makes me different from any other ProAdvisor out there?


Because I’ve observed many businesses while working in their offices, I can take the transferrable information from one to another. I’m good at teaching. I use examples that are pertinent, or actual situations in the business, as aids to help the client or student to relate what they already know to what they’re learning.

When I teach someone, it’s not just keystrokes, press this, press that. I want to know that the individual sees how the systems of their business interact. I regard mistakes in training as good things; they teach a lot about processes and systems, checks and balances. Believe me, knowing how to fix mistakes is important too!

My goal is to help people understand enough about accounting processes and reporting that they can find their KPIs (Key Profitability Indicators), manage costs, and generally otherwise manage their businesses as independently as they wish.

I look forward to helping you!